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Our Academy for online StudenIf you are avid to teach Arabic and wish to learn Arabic fast and easy? Want to learn online and download Quran online for free? Do it now, you have no more excuses? This article will show you a step by step method on how to learn online the easiest way. It has been tested and proven effective by thousands of learners online, so you can trust it.

The First step to learn Quran online is to select which brand or type of Quran you would like to use to memorize. There are two types, the classical and the modern. The classical one is recited silently in your mind while the modern ones are spoken aloud. The modern ones are more visual and move faster, so for fast memorization, you might want to go for the latter. Pick one that would satisfy your learning style.

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Once you have selected the type of Quran you would like to learn online, it is time to check out the site of the best online Quran teacher. Search engines will help you with this. You can read reviews from students who used certain websites, and you can also check the site statistics to know how popular a particular website is. This will give you an idea of which site is better suited to your purpose.

Choose which Islamic University or institution you are going to learn Quran Shia online from. The best place would be from those institutions that have a good reputation and experience in teaching the traditional and basic principles of Islam. You will also need to check the level of your education, whether you have completed your degree or not.

One to One Class

Check if the teachers have experience teaching the subjects you are planning to learn. You should also check if the teacher has sufficient academic qualifications and credentials, especially for teaching online Quran classes. Some online schools do not require any form of accreditation, so you should always remember this. If the teachers are not qualified enough and have no academic qualification at all, then you might end up wasting your money on these online classes.

Ask for suggestions from friends or relatives who happen to be native or former Arabic language speakers. They may have knowledge about various Arabic universities that offer online courses on Arabic language learning. You should ask them what university they think is the best to learn the Quran online. The based on the quality of the teaching material, teaching facilities, academic credentials, and the facilities they offer. You can compare their opinions with the requirements to register for Arabic online courses on the basis of your requirements and preferences.

Choose Our best Online Quran Classes

Try to get free lessons or software packages from the websites that offer a basic recitation of the Holy Quran or other required topics of learning to learn online Shia Quran classes. You can use these tools to help you in your learning process. They will teach you the correct recitation of each letter. After which you will be expected to recite the Quran in front of others using your own voice.

In fact, the software package should have a voice recognition facility. So that it can automatically correct your pronunciation mistakes without your supervision.

Another important step to learn Shia Quran classes online is to sign up for the website. After signing up, you will receive a free tutorial package containing various exercises and tests to help you in your learning process. These free trial classes or tutorials will help. you familiarize yourself with the various features that are available on the website. Once you become familiar with the features of the site, you can proceed to sign up and complete the subscription.


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