To read Quran with proper Tajweed Rules.


Designed for students who complete the noorani quida.


Clarifying the pronunciation of the word and letters.

From the basic level to the advanced level of Recitation.

Thequranlearners.com designed Online Quran reading course for kids and for those adults who want to take the first step in Online Quran learning. We provide one to 0ne online Quran classes for able to read Quran, starting from Arabic alphabets. In sha Allah this Course makes the student able to Learn Quran online with the rules of tajweed. We provide Best Online Quran teacher for this course. The Arabic word ” tajwid ” means to improve, make better Arabic word for elocution or the right pronunciation. With respect to Islamic teachings, it is a complete set of rules established by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to study the vocabulary and speech used in reading the Qur’an

The rules of recitation and Tajwid apply to the Holy Quran as our beloved Prophet (PBUH) himself read, recited and pronounced the words of the Koran with Tajwid. Therefore it is our duty to follow his Sunnah.

Muslims should be encouraged to read and learn the Holy Quran on Skype because the complete scripture is in the Arabic language and all Muslims are not Arabic-speaking. In order for them to understand the message of Allah, they must first learn to read and recite with proper pronunciation. A Muslim must be able to read the Koran with the rules of Tajweed so that there is no mistake while reciting as that could alter the meaning of the text and such an act is undesirable. Come and learn with us through our online lessons so you can guide yourself and your children according to the teachings of Islam and be rewarded as well.

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